October - ELTU 2016

ELT Unconference
2016 ELT Unconference

The 2016 ELT Unconference will gather a diverse group of interesting people for conversations at the intersection of education and technology. THE ELTU 2016 badge recognizes those who attend the 9th Annual Exploring Learning Technologies Unconference (ELTU9) held on campus at The Ohio State University on October 12, 2

Thinking Beyond a Transcript with Buckeye Badges

A college transcript is not the only indicator of how well a student grasped concepts in the classroom, especially those with real-world implications. Dr. Tim Rhodus, a professor in the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science, created Buckeye Badges(link is external) to address this gap between what students truly learn and what their transcript reflects.


Buckeye Badges Member

The Buckeye Badges program began at Ohio State University as a pilot project to "test the logistical viability of alternative credentialing systems."  Over the academic year 2015-2016, Dr. Rhodus and his team successfully piloted digital badging at Ohio State for:  (1) two major programs in the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science, (2) the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, and (3) the Academy of Teaching Annual Conference.

Interview with Dr. Rhodus on Digital Badging in the Classroom

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College Ready Ohio’s Scott Nelson and Scott Sheeler sat down with Dr. Tim Rhodus, Professor in the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science at the Ohio State University, to talk about badging in the classroom.

Dr. Tim Rhodus Interview: http://www.go.osu.edu/RhodusInterview,

Extended Interview: http://www.go.osu.edu/RhodusInterview...

Dr. Tim Rhodus Details:

Denman Undergraduate Research Forum

The Denman Undergraduate Research Forum joined the Buckeye Badges Pilot project and offered digital badges to participants in the March 30, 2016 event.  The Denman Forum & Spring Expo showcase the significant contributions of talented Ohio State undergraduates to scholarly activities conducted at OSU and around the world. The Denman is a competitive, judged research forum that has been a proud Ohio State tradition for 20 years.

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