Global Community Building

Students participate in cross-cultural conversations by sharing photos with other students that depict daily life.

Description for Earners

Engage in authentic cross-cultural communication and interact directly with peers at a foreign university by commenting on shared images. Post your own images to teach about daily life in your city. Work with images as evidence or data for research and teaching purposes.

Value of the Badge

Students who earn this badge have communicated effectively with peers at a foreign institution about daily life in two cities, Columbus and the city of the other institution. Their peers have gained a better understanding of what daily life is like in Columbus, and they can now teach fellow Americans about the reality on the ground in Istanbul. They have built enough trust with their Turkish peers to have learned their perspectives on global issues affecting us all, including discussions of historic causes for these issues and how they impact the two cities differently.


Turkey,cross-cultural,media,culture,online communication

Criteria 1

Demonstrate your online cross-cultural communication ability. Do this by posting a brief biography, commenting on at least three biographies of your Turkish peers and acknowledging any comments to your post. Use active listening skills and ask for clarification on any aspects of cultural context. 

Criteria 2

Demonstrate your ability to curate an image collection with academic value. Post a collection of at least 5 images reflecting your daily life in Columbus. These should serve as meaningful referents for your local environment. This means, they should contain certain elements of culture in Columbus. Each of the images must include proper attribution and license information as well as a sentence explaining why you selected that particular image. You are expected to actively discuss the particular content in these images with your peer at the partner institution. 

Criteria 3

Utilize the images you selected, or select new images that are more fitting for the conversation. Ask good questions about what you observe in other participants’ images. Stay on task – do not talk generally about topics related to what is in the image, but what is actually observable in the image.


  1. Global Competency: Undergraduate students will learn to communicate across cultural boundaries, develop their media literacy and demonstrate their strengths as researchers.

Global Community Building