App Tutorial

Students examine current mobile apps for the turf, landscape and horticulture professions and create a tutorial presentation.

Program: SPS


Students create a tutorial on how to use a mobile app and describe who the app works and whether it offers useful features. The development goal of this assignment is to expand student awareness of useful mobile apps for iOS and Android devices and create a tutorial that will help others to learn how to use a selected app. The communication goal of this assignment is to refine their digital communication skills by preparing a structured review of the app and a Haiku Deck slideshow demonstration of an app in action.

Value of the Badge:

Earning the App Tutorial badge indicates a student has discussed digital storytelling, mobile app operation and training, digital photo management, annotating images to assist in focusing attention, and creating Haiku Deck presentations. Further, the student has demonstrated the ability to communicate on a professional level by delivering a final presentation of the App Tutorial.

Badge Criteria:

  1. Successfully complete the App Tutorial with emphasis on creation of a review and tutorial of an industry-related mobile app. This includes the creation of a script, annotated screen captures for use in a slideshow, audio commentary and delivery of the final, timed presentation in Ohio State University's HCS4560, Creating a Virtual Perspective.


  1. GOAL: Be able to disseminate information effectively through all forms of communication (oral, electronic, written, visual, etc.) at a professional level.

  2. OUTCOME: Develop projects utilizing digital communication technologies.

App Tutorial Badge