Plant Growth Experimentation

Students are introduced to the origin, diversification and biogeography of plants in managed ecosystems and hands-on laboratory activities.

Program: SPS


This introduction to the complex interactions of plant structure, physiology, and the environment allows students to gain an understanding of modern plant science by studying the fundamentals of physical and biological sciences in the context of sustainable plant systems. Laboratory activities like Competition, Symbiosis, and Buried Seed experiments and the accompanying Greenhouse Project Laboratory Report reinforce the concepts introduced in lecture in addition to the skills of scientific reasoning and methods.

Value of the Badge:

Earning the Plant Growth Experimentation Badge indicates a student has conducted three experiments during the semester (Competition, Symbiosis, Buried Seed); collected and interpreted data from these experiments; and written a technical report in scientific format based on one of experiments. The experiments are established at the beginning of the semester and end approximately 2-3 before the end of the semester. Data collection will occur throughout the semester. Further, earning the Plant Growth Experimentation Badge indicates a student has knowledge of the components of a scientific format report - title, introduction, materials, results, discussion, and bibliography.

Badge Criteria:

  1. Successfully complete either Competition, Symbiosis or Buried Seed experiment including data collection and analysis.

  2. Write a technical report, using scientific format, of one of the experiments; demonstrating appropriate formats for Title, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion and Bibliography. Experiments are conducted as part of The Ohio State University's HCS2201, Ecology of Managed Plant Systems.


  1. GOAL: Be competent in critical thinking and research.

  2. OUTCOME: Interpret information and/or data.

Plant Growth Experimentation