Sustainable Plants

Students are introduced to the origin, diversification and biogeography of plants in managed landscapes, emphasizing sustainability.

Program: SPS


This introduction to the complex interactions of plant structure, physiology, and the environment allows students to gain an understanding of modern plant science by studying the fundamentals of physical and biological sciences in the context of sustainable plant systems.

Value of the Badge:

Earning the SPS Sustainability badge indicates a student has a comprehensive understanding of the ecological basis for sustainable practices in managed ecosystems. The student can describe examples of practices contributing to ecosystem sustainability. Further, the student demonstrates knowledge of the interdependence between science and technology.

Badge Criteria:

  1. Be able to identify the four components of the ecological paradigm.

  2. Describe, for each component, management applications that affect/improve agro-ecosystem sustainability, for a production system with which the student is familiar in Ohio State University's HCS2201, Ecology of Managed Plant Systems.


  1. GOAL: Understand the concept of sustainability and be able to use sustainable practices in horticulture and crop science.

  2. OUTCOME: Understand the concept of sustainability.

Sustainable Plants