Intern Presentation

Students create a presentation that highlights their internship experience after the opportunity for critical reflection.

Program: SPS


Preparing for the Presentation badge benefits students who are nearing their program completion. It allows them to reflect on their experience and learn about the experiences of others. Creating reflective presentations and delivering those presentations gives students confidence in their public speaking abilities and enhances their communication skills.

Value of the Badge:

Earning the Presentation badge indicates a student has successfully completed an internship experience and, upon reflection, has created and delivered a presentation. The process includes a written summary prior to presentation and submission of an electronic copy of the presentation in addition to the professional delivery.

Badge Criteria:

  1. Successfully complete the Presentation assignment upon completion of the internship, submission of the written summary, electronic copy of the presentation and delivery of the professional presentation in Ohio State University's HCS4190.01, Sustainable Plant Systems Major Internship.


  1. GOAL: Be able to disseminate information effectively through all forms of communication (oral, electronic, written, visual , etc.) at a professional level.

  2. OUTCOME: Prepare information and/or data for a presentation.

Intern Presentation