Professional Development

GTAs maintain current knowledge of pedagogical theory and practice.


Continuing pedagogical education and maintaining up-to-date knowledge in educational theory and practice demonstrates a commitment to teaching and self-improvement and enhances teaching outcomes.

Value of the Badge:

The development of teaching competency is an ongoing process; as research progresses in the science of psychology and the science of learning, pedagogy changes and instructors must keep pace with changes in the field (Richmond, et al., 2014). Graduate teaching associates (GTAs) earning the Professional Development badge advance their knowledge and practice of teaching strategies through ongoing participation in professional development, becoming part of a learning community dedicated to improving college instruction.

Badge Criteria:

  1. Complete four teaching-related workshops offered through the OSU psychology department, UCAT, or teaching-specific sessions at regional or national conferences. At least ONE workshop must focus on issues of diversity in teaching.

  2. Submit evidence of attendance and self-reflection on new knowledge acquired. • Acceptable evidence of workshop attendance includes a confirmation email of registration. • Evidence of self-reflection includes a one-page reflection summarizing the relevance of the training and what knowledge/skills gained or improved as a result of participation.


  1. Competency 3: Graduate teaching associates will gain knowledge of how people learn and how to teach consistently with these principles of learning, using a variety of techniques appropriate for the discipline, level, and learning context.

  2. Competency 6: Graduate teaching associates will teach with attention to diversity, inclusion of multiple perspectives, and demographics so that every student has the opportunity to learn.

Professional Development