GTAs participate in academic coursework to develop teaching skills and awareness of pedagogical issues.


Effective teaching requires an understanding of basic teaching skills as well as an understanding of basic principles of learning and scientifically sound methods of instruction. This badge demonstrates competence in pedagogy through instructional practice and coursework.

Value of the Badge:

Completing a graduate course on teaching improves pedagogical knowledge and skills. Understanding basic educational theory and practice in addition to subject matter expertise is necessary for effective teaching (Richmond, et al., 2014). The Pedagogy badge indicates that a graduate teaching associate has completed formal training in pedagogy, has acquired knowledge of a scholarly approach to teaching and student-centered classrooms, and has developed practical teaching skills such as developing effective lectures, creating assignments, fair and efficient grading, and assessment strategies.

Badge Criteria:

  1. Successfully complete, with an A- or better, Psychology 6851: Seminar and Practicum in the Teaching of Psychology at The Ohio State University, OR

  2. Successfully complete, with an A- or better, Education Policy and Leadership 7404: College Teaching offered in the College of Education.


  1. Competency 3: Graduate teaching associates will gain knowledge of how people learn and how to teach consistently with these principles of learning, using a variety of techniques appropriate for the discipline, level, and learning context.

  2. Competency 4: Graduate teaching associates will learn how to consistently set and communicate learning goals and expectations, both for individual class sessions and the overall course, that are appropriate for the discipline, level, learning context, and institutional curriculum.

  3. Competency 5: Graduate teaching associates will learn how to assess student learning responsibly, equitably, and in alignment with learning goals and use results to enhance student learning.

  4. Competency 6: Graduate teaching associates will teach with attention to diversity, inclusion of multiple perspectives, and demographics so that every student has the opportunity to learn.