Stress Response

Students apply lecture concepts to complete the Plant Stress Responses Lab Report emphasizing plant responses to abiotic stress factors.


Students gain knowledge of basic plant anatomy and morphology of sunflower with special emphasis on structure-function relationships of cultivated plants, the fundamental physiological processes occurring in plants and the ability to relate this knowledge to how environmental factors affect productivity and quality and have a working understanding of plant cellular and organismal processes and how modifications of these processes determine in what kind of habitats a given cultivated species can survive.

Value of the Badge:

Earning the Stress Responses badge indicates a student has compiled a thorough knowledge of plant responses to abiotic stress and they relate to the form and function of cultivated plants. Further, successful completion of the Plant Stress Responses Lab Report demonstrates the ability to apply concepts introduced in lecture, data analysis, and the presentation of a scientific report including introduction, materials and methods, results and conclusion/discussion.

Badge Criteria:

  1. Successfully complete the Plant Stress Responses Lab Report with special emphasis on sunflower response to abiotic stress factors and their possible effect and demonstrating the ability to apply lecture concepts to data analysis and presenting findings in a scientific report in Ohio State University’s HCS2202, Form and Function in Cultivated Plants.



  1. Learning Goal:: Have the ability to integrate the fundamentals of physical and biological sciences with the scientific principles of plant science to develop and maintain sustainable plants systems.


  2. Learning Outcome:: Assess the effect of environmental conditions on plant growth.


Stress Response Badge