Recitation Teaching Experience

A TA earning this badge has demonstrated a reflective completion of a recitation teaching experience


Teaching Assistant has completed one full semester of a recitation teaching experience and developed a reflective writing piece.  The TA teaching experience encompasses teaching one or more 1 hour recitation, dependent on department need. This includes promptly grading assignments and preparing for teaching responsibilities. Scheduling one weekly office hour for students. Additionally, a TA proctors all exams for their assigned instructor(s). Finally, a TA attends and participates in weekly staff meetings.

Value of the Badge:

In addition to fulfilling their recitation teaching responsibilities, the TA earning this badge prepares a reflective piece about their experience of teaching a recitation for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. 

Badge Criteria:

  1. Teach a recitation section for one semester and successfully complete: grading quizzes and activities, attending and participating in regular staff meetings, proctoring exams and holding weekly office hours for students.
  2. Write a reflection piece related to their experience teaching a recitation section over the span of the most recent semester. Specifically the TA should include their thoughts on what improvements were made over the course of the semester and what self-growth was achieved. This should be completed +/- one month from the end of the semester teaching.
Recitation Teaching Experience