QUIC Certified

Undergraduate students in the Fisher College of Business become QUIC certified once they pass a mock interview, called the QUIC interview.


Students earning the QUIC badge are required to complete 5 modules containing information about the job search process. Following this, students schedule a 1-hour QUIC interview, designed to fully test a candidate’s preparation abilities and authentic interview performance. Lastly, candidates who complete all requirement are eligible to participate in on-campus interviews at the Fisher College of Business.

Value of the Badge:

Earners of the QUIC badge are prepared to excel in interviews and have the opportunity to receive more internship and full-time job offers. Successfully completing the criteria will provide students with complete access to on-campus interview opportunities organized through the Office of Career Management.

Badge Criteria:

  1. Complete the FisherConnect profile and upload a resume.
  2. Complete a series of 5 modules containing information about the Office of Career Management and the job search process. Earn 100% on the quiz following each module.
  3. Sign up for and participate in a one-hour QUIC interview held in the Office of Career Management. Earn 86% or higher on the interview assessment.