Displaying Badges on U.OSU

A Buckeye Badges Backpack plugin for U.OSU is available for an advisory group of students participating in the pilot.  If all goes well, this plugin will become available to all users of U.OSU as a default plugin.

Create a Collection in Backpack:

  1. To Display Badges in your U.OSU site you will need to have an account on Buckeye Badges Backpack with at least one collection containing badges (  see -> http://buckeyebadges.osu.edu/?page_id=331 ).
  2. In order to display on U.OSU, please check the Public option for your collection.
  3. Select the Share icon for your collection.
    Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 2.15.26 PM
  4. Notice the message in the upper left, above the name of the collection. It will look like this:
    Badge Collection Group_id =#
    Each collection has a unique Group_id number and you will use this number to create a link in U.OSU to your badge collection.

Configure U.OSU

  1. Login to your  U.OSU  site
  2. Click on Dashboard.  Select Plugins. Select All.
  3. Locate Buckeyebadges Backpack Collection Displayer and click Activate.

<insert fig 1>


Sharing a Collection on U.OSU

  1. Start by creating a new Page or Post. Decide whether you want text to appear first on the page and then the badge collection.  If so, type your text.  If not, you can make the link using either the Visual or Text display option and entering the following statement:
    There was a problem please verify email and collection id
  2. Replace {email} with your name.# address and replace {#} with your  badge collection_id number. Be sure to keep the quote signs around email and (badge collection) group_id number.
  3. You should end up with this:
    There was a problem please verify email and collection id
  4. Save the  post or page and preview the results.

<insert fig 2 and 3>