Global Community Building

Beginning in March of 2017  the Middle East Studies Center began to award the "Global Community Building" badge.  Students who earn this badge have communicated effectively with peers at a foreign institution about daily life in two cities, Columbus and the city of the other institution.  Their peers have gained a better understanding of what daily life is like in Columbus, and they can now teach fellow Americans about the reality on the ground in Istanbul.  They have built enough trust with their Turkish peers to have learned their perspectives on global issues affecting us all, including

February - Pedagogy, Research Forum and QUIC

Beginning in February, the Department of Psychology began awarding the Teaching Certificate - Pedagogy badge to Graduate students who had successfully completed Psychology 6851: Seminar and Practicum in the Teaching of Psychology or Education Policy and Leadership 7404: College Teaching.  Graduate students pursuing the PhD in Psychology may enroll in a non-degree program providing a Department-based Certificate of Training in the Teaching of Psychology.  A total of 74 Pedagogy badges were awarded in February.

January - QUIC

Beginning in January, the Fisher College of Business Career Center began awarding the QUIC badge - Qualified Undergraduate Interview Candidate to all students who successfully completed their QUIC certification.  The goal of QUIC is to help Fisher candidates excel in interviews and receive more offers for full-time and internship employment. Successfully completing the QUIC program will provides students with complete access to on-campus interview opportunities organized through FisherConnect.  A total of 40 QUIC badges were awarded in January. 

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