Global Media Project

Students at OSU and a foreign university participate in a cross-cultural collaborative video production project to teach about daily life. 

Description for Earners

Engage in authentic cross-cultural communication while collaborating on a video documentation project with peers at a foreign university. Use online video editing tools to create, collect and edit materials for a brief video focusing on one aspect of daily life in both cities. 

Value of the Badge

Students who earn this badge must have earned the Global Community Building badge which demonstrates they communicated effectively with peers at a foreign institution about daily life in two cities, Columbus and Istanbul. Earning this badge means group of these students at both institutions successfully collaborated to create an educationally effective video about the reality on the ground in both cities. It is only awarded to students who did their part on the team, held themselves accountable to the others, and actively listened to their teammates. 


Turkey,cross-cultural,media,teamwork,culture,online communication

Criteria 1

Earn the Global Community Building badge which demonstrates your online cross-cultural communication ability. 

Criteria 2

Demonstrate your ability to curate an image collection with academic value. Post a collection of at least 5 images reflecting your daily life in Columbus. These should serve as meaningful referents for your local environment. This means, they should contain certain elements of culture in Columbus. Each of the images must include proper attribution and license information as well as a sentence explaining why you selected that particular image. Comment on the images of at least three of your peers, and respond to any comments on yours. Choose peers who have not received comments before peers who have comments already posted on their images.

Criteria 3

Demonstrate team leadership by joining with at least two peers to work with on creating a video. Ensure at least one of your peers is at the foreign university. Choose one of the following team roles for the video project: image collector, image editor, script writer or video producer. Demonstrate good teamwork by agreeing to take on one of several specific roles, being accountable to the team, and actively listening to your teammates. The project is complete when final video is uploaded for review.


  1. Global Competency: Undergraduate students will learn to communicate across cultural boundaries, develop their media production skills and demonstrate their strengths as team players.

  2. Cross-cultural teamwork: Undergraduate students will learn to: develop substantive knowledge of a distant locale, effectively teach about your local cultural context and conduct collaborative research and utilize visual data to produce a video with educational value.

Global Media Project